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Vester Chair at the Svinkløv Badehotel
Skagerak by Fritz Hansen in collaboration with Chris L. Halstrøm and
Svinkløv Ba
Story and images c/o Skagerak by Fritz Hansen

The Vester Chair was a bespoke task for the designer, and the brief was quite specific: design a dining chair that incarnates Svinkløv Badehotel, which is formal and informal at the same time.


The seaside hotel Svinkløv Badehotel is a piece of Danish cultural history. Set by the rugged coast of the North Sea in the north of Jutland, the hotel is a stress-free environment surrounded by windswept dunes. The famous and historic hotel sadly burnt down to the ground in 2016 but was rebuilt in its original form, looking as it did before and gently modernized where it made sense. The rebuild aimed to maintain the look and feel of a summer residence – both indoors and out – in the laid-back atmosphere that has always been the DNA of Svinkløv Badehotel.


Louise Toft-Hansen, co-owner of the Svinkløv Badehotel along with her husband Kenneth, collaborated with designer Chris L. Halstrøm on the easy, simple, Scandinavian vibe of the hotel, the way it was before the fire. Additionally, Halstrøm partnered with Skagerak to create a dining chair that would fully represent the Svinkløv Badehotel; formal and informal at the same time. The result was a beautiful and well-proportioned chair that is so comfortable it encourages you to linger over dinner.

Project name: Svinkløv Badehotel

Furniture designer: Chris L. Halstrøm
Location: Fjerritslev, Denmark
Project type: Hospitality
Skagerak by Fritz Hansen Products: Vester Chair

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