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Fritz Hansen Outdoor Skagerak Collection

The Skagerak Collection is contemporary wooden furniture designed with an environmentally conscious philosophy. Co-created with renowned architects and designers, the Skagerak Collection elevates modern living indoors and outdoors while expressing the Nordic connection between nature and design. The design language of the collection originates from Danish functionalism and woodcraft traditions in outdoor furniture. The collection consists of 43 indoor and outdoor product series made primarily with certified wood, certified textiles and honest, durable materials that age beautifully.

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1350600 Plank Bench 14_M_edited.jpg
_S1920400 Cutter Bench, Teak 01_M.jpg
1350600 1350302 1350601 Plank Bench, Table and Chair 01_M_web_edited_edited.png
1506140 Banco Bench Double 01_M_edited.png
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