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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Modern Rep Group aligns with individuals and companies who share similar core values that not only drive business decisions, but also impact how we live our daily lives. Since launching MRG, a primary goal has been a commitment to working with brands who incorporate sustainability throughout their entire business model. Each of our partner brands are committed to making the world a better place through sourcing, manufacturing, Carbon Neutral goals and more.


Learn more about our partner brands’ commitment to the planet, as they continue creating products that aim to enhance the lives of those who use them.

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Loll Designs

We enhance people, the planet and our company in everything we do. 

We were founded on principles of efficient and responsible use/reuse of materials, which is why during the production process we recycle more than 88 percent of our manufacturing waste and the remainder is incinerated to make electricity. Striving towards zero waste has created recycling programs for anything that can be recycled. It's impossible not to leave an environmental footprint and we do all that we can to mitigate it.


Fritz Hansen

Positive Change

By collaborating with designers, partners and suppliers who share our values, we combine our expertise with specialist knowledge to bring about positive, sustainable change.


As a global design company, we have a responsibility to reduce our climate impact and ensure fair working conditions. We have set ambitious goals for ourselves and strive to be transparent about our progress.


Skagerak by Fritz Hansen

Minimizing Our Footprint

As a globally operating company we strive to minimize our negative footprint and maximize our positive impact. It is an ongoing journey with no end goal and a collective responsibility that affects all corners of the company.


Here Now

Environmentally Conscious

We source and produce most of our designs within a 70-mile radius of Charlotte, NC. Our discernment in materials and processes result in lasting and durable products that are timeless yet present in their application. From organic foam and water-based lacquer finishes to equally discerning suppliers, we've built sustainability into here now from the start.



A Circular Economy

Our goal is simple but effective: successful corporate social responsibility with the focus on a sustainable world. To achieve this, we take steps in all areas that help us and our clients to create beautiful and functional furniture with as little impact on the earth as possible. In doing so, we do not only look at our own activities, we are also constantly looking for the optimal circular working methods with our suppliers and clients. We differentiate three activities in our approach: Circular-furniture, Re-furniture and Outlet-furniture.

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