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St Catherine's College at Oxford

Featuring iconic designs from Fritz Hansen

St. Catherine’s College, designed by architect Arne Jacobsen, set a new standard for colleges across the world and remains an understated landmark in the history of architecture.


The idea behind St. Catherine’s College was to balance innovative and traditional elements on Oxford University’s campus. In 1957, the university’s newest and largest college created a unifying building that would set a new standard for college buildings in Oxford and the rest of the world.

The architect Arne Jacobsen was given this task. Today, the result remains as an understated landmark in the history of architecture. “It’s all done with restraint, the minimum number of elements and materials, with everything beautifully executed. It’s extraordinarily refined.“


The Banquet Hall at St. Catherine’s College incorporates the light, bright and modern Series 7 chairs for students, while the staff sit on specially developed Oxford chairs —both from Fritz Hansen. In the library, Jacobsen introduced an open atmosphere where Swan chairs, also from Fritz Hansen, are arranged at specific distances around tables so students can share the table with strangers undisturbed, and still be able to talk with passersby. Click below to learn more about Arne Jacobsen’s iconic designs for Fritz Hansen and St Catherine’s College.

Architect: Arne Jacobsen

Location: Oxford, United Kingdom

Type: Education 

Photography: Courtesy of Fritz Hansen

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