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VIA57 Lounge Chair at VIA57 West
New York, NY

The VIA57 Lounge Chair is an example of Fritz Hansen’s commitment to remarkable craftsmanship, unique design and premium quality.


Photo Marco Petrini

Fritz Hansen and Bjarke Ingels Group + KiBiSi collaborated to co-create a lounge chair for the VIA57 West building. It started by finding a strong and creative conceptual idea upon which to base the design. The concept was developed to reflect the core ideas behind the building’s architecture and incorporate Fritz Hansen’s design philosophy, while taking visual, emotional, and rational bases for design direction. VIA57 is an example of Fritz Hansen’s commitment to remarkable craftsmanship, unique design and premium quality.

In 1960, iconic Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen introduced Copenhagen’s first skyscraper, complete with a full suite of designs. Fast forward to 2016, and the parallels are undeniable as Bjarke Ingels and KiBiSi took Danish design abroad, reinvented the American skyscraper and presented the inviting VIA57™ lounge chair as the design centerpiece.

According to Bjarke Ingels, "The VIA57 chair combines Scandinavian simplicity and elegance with American comfort and generosity." The development process to create the VIA57™ is a combination of modelling by hand and digital modelling. Designed by, KiBiSi, this group was founded in Copenhagen by Lars Larsen, Bjarke Ingels and Jens Martin Skibsted. KiBiSi merges the faculties of its founding partners into a symbiotic hybrid of design, architecture and ideation. The design group looked to the shape of their skyscraper, explored every angle and gained a haptic understanding of comfort and utility. The result is soft comfort and a modular functionality that creates multiple settings—characterized by a visual appeal that makes VIA57™ the centre of attention. “The rotated corners allow a variety of social configurations while also evoking the tetrahedronical geometry of its parent architecture.” – Bjarke Ingels

Project name: VIA57 West
Location: New York, USA
Project type: Residential
Architect / Designer: Bjarke Ingels Group + KiBiSi
Fritz Hansen Products: VIA57™ Lounge Chair
Photographer: Marco Petrini


Photo Marco Petrini


Photo Marco Petrini

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